10 Kick ass women paving the way with excellence in business

10 Kick ass women paving the way with excellence in business

Ten influential women paving their way with excellence in their business:

With Women comprising 46.9% of all employed persons in Australia there is a rising tide of change happening with the business world. Here are ten influential kick ass women paving their way with excellence in business:

1. Melanie Perkins (Canva) - At just nineteen years of this age this unstoppable young woman created an online platform, that everyone uses today. The success of Canva not only has revolutionized the graphic designed field but made it accessible for people who don’t have the experience to create and design without hassles.

2. Emily Gowor - is a bubbly, inspirational writer, author and speaker who has published nine wining books on self-help, entrepreneurship and writing. Emily won the 30 under 30 entrepreneur awards twice and draws from her own experience. Emily’s passion is often found inspiring others to thrive in their lives and her books and projects continue to touch people around the world.

3. Lauren Yeates (Rave it up) – Lauren is an entertainment Reporter & Celebrity Interviewer who at a very young age discovered she loved journalism so much that she would pursue a career within the industry. Thus, Rave it up was born and at the tender age of twenty- four she already has a whopping nine years of experience. Lauren has interviewed well-known stars such as Hugh Jackman, Justice Crew and many more and with a new book under her belt, a hit radio station and ballroom dance lessons is there really anything this successful woman can’t do?

  1. Laura Pantry and Rachael Russell - (Tiny Tummyz)

    Tiny Tummyz is a fun, bright and bubbly business founded in 2017 which offers post-operative meal plan for Bariatric surgery patients but it doesn’t stop there; it’s two founders Laura and Rachael continue to strive to minimize the stigma associated with weight loss surgery. Who could resist, these delicious meal plans that come with a guilt free sorbet. The best part is the meal plans are customizable; so you can make the choice of chocolate over pineapple. These two kick ass women continue to not only win awards but are kicking some serious but in the health world with their successful meal plans.

  2. Amanda Jane- (Training with the Girls) is an all female fitness community founded by Emma and Amanda. They wanted to break the stereotype that lifting weights makes you manly, that you need to starve to achieve your body goals and to learn to love your body in all its forms. Their main goal is to support and empower women globally to live happier, healthier lives. #gogirls
  3. Anna Richards- (Anna and Morgan) is a writer, speaker, coach, world traveler, health and happiness ambassador and her deepest passion & purpose in life is to help women step into their full potential and find her their voice. Anna is a bright, loving person who continues to help women seek out their truth, Anna is a bright spark in this world and continues to inspire others to live their lives to the max.
  4. Lauren Clemett and Annette Densham - These two kick ass women often make us smile. Lauren Clemett is a Personal Branding Specialist, best-selling author and she even says she can talk underwater. Lauren does all this and more in her personal branding business called Ultimate Business Propeller. Annette is a writer journalist and public relations expert within her business Audacious Publicity Genie Agency and describes herself as Award-Winning Publicity Specialist, Business Champ, Storyteller, Rock Chick and Comedian. These two women have won numerous awards and we will be cheering them on as they go for the next win at the AusMumpreneur awards!
  5. Petra Coulson- (Collab Events)- Petra is the founder of Collab Events which is an event management agency and coaching company, specialising in business related events such as seminars, conferences, launch parties, brand activations, summits, networking events, workshops, retreats and more. With live events being a new focus in the events industry and invaluable for marketing, Petra’s strategies are invaluable for not only running an event but selling out an event fast; through her online tactics anything is achievable.
  6. Zoe Curd (Prestige Au Pair and Babysitting Services)- Prestige Au Pair and Babysitting Services, provides a variety of in-home childminding services, within the Bundaberg, Brisbane & Gold Coast Regions. Prestige is owned and operated by the incredibly bubbly Zoe Curd and we love this bespoke service which offers parents flexibility and provides a reliable and trustworthy experience for families on the coast.
  7. Lisa Burling (Dream a little Dream) - Lisa is one of those remarkable people, who you instantly feel inspired by just by reading her front cover story of her book. Lisa has amazing courage, persistence and uses her knowledge of hardship to continue to inspire people to dream a little bigger. Lisa is also a degree-qualified journalist, PR professional and is a single Mum who has gone from unemployed to owning an award wining PR agency. Lisa’s book is called Dream a little Dream and her courageous story leaps of the pages.

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Lots of love Lauren xx